Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Accuquilt Tour part 2 - and rain!

As promised, I'm sharing more pictures when I visited AccuQuilt headquarters in Fremont, NE

Didn't have time for a cuppa here...but loved the name.

Some of the  "new" downtown Fremont with the brick streets.

Love those arched windows.

 more pictures from AccuQuilt's headquarters.

Steve Nabity, CEO, with his quilt and table runner he made for his office.  The colors blended great with his office decor.

Did you know that every employee of this company must take quilt classes?   Yes, you read that right.........even the janitors, forklift operators, shipping clerks, receptionists, customer service personnel....and most of them have completed a longarm quilting class too.  This company is setting the bar very high!

One of the HUGE laser die cutting machines!   I was so fascinated by these big monsters doing such
delicate, precise work..... naturally, computer driven. 

Sure hope you can see the designs being cut on this close-up. 


Here's a big stack of the special hard birch wood they use.

I wish I could have seen them set it up....but had to move onto other things.

AccuCut education division display..."where learning comes to life".... are now offering pre-cut kits for educators.  The little animals you see standing on the shelves are all 3-D out of cardstock. 

What a great company and terrific tour! 

As you probably know, Texas is in drought....and it's getting worse and worse each day we don't get rain.

So, I just had to take a picture from my hotel window of the rain and green I've almost  forgotten what it looks like. 

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I so enjoyed your visit and pictures!!

  2. I've always loved this kind of field trip, where you see how things are made. Thanks for the virtual tour ~

  3. Wouldn't it be wonderful to work for a company that makes you take quilt classes? Oh darn, if I have to. Love it.

  4. Thanks for posting the has made me feel a part of the trip...even though I couldn't make it. :(

  5. These are wonderful pictures, great visit.