Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm All About Having Fun!

Business trips are just that......for business.  AND.........  when you can arrange to have some pleasure with some of that business, it becomes fun!  That's what I'm all about....having fun with fabrics, quilting, my GO cutter and my ETSY Shop.    

(Maybe I better clarify something first for my new followers.   I love my AccuQuilt GO cutter, and always use a larger font whenever I type the word GO.  There......does that answer your question?) 

With having to GO out of state recently on some business I was able to visit AccuQuilt headquarters in Fremont, Nebraska and even take a tour.  It's a fun business.....for sure. 

I'm telling you that company is nothing but FUN;   quilts on the outside, quilts on the inside, quilts in offices, quilts in the warehouse, fun people, fun colors,  everyone smiling, especially the employees.  It's a Happy Place and a Magical Place. 

Wait a minute......was I visiting Disneyland?  Sure felt like it to me!

Here's what you see driving up to their building.

A closer look showing the winning quilt design for their 2011 Barn Quilt Block design contest.

There's even fun on the back of the building with the 2nd place winner's design above the receiving dock.  

Lots of quilts's a few of them.  (Some of the pictures are blurry....sorry.)

I loved this tree, with the dimensional leaves. 

Wish I had a close up of this one..... the Arabesque Die.

Simple block; circle in a square with corner
triangles.  Fun fabrics! 

Carolyn Robinson from Accuquilt talking about  a custom display.

Do you know which die was used for this butterfly?  Look at
the next picture & caption for your answer.

Close up of the feathers die being used as small birds!  Yes, lots of fun things you can create with some of the designs.  You just have to 'think outside the box'!   Just look at those tiny triangles......all using a GO cutter.

I'll share some more with you next GO 'like' the
AccuQuilt facebook page  and then GO to the LH sidebar and enter the Camp Quilt Along contest.

You can also get some great quilt ideas by clicking on the Free Patterns picture at the top RH side of this page.

Do I have fun with my GO? and do I like AccuQuilt??  You betcha!  Can't you tell?  I think every quilter should own one!

Thanks for visiting.



  1. I love my GO! too. And I like thinking outside the box with the die cuts. It is all fun!

  2. I have one too, but I only have the dies that are hard to cut with a rotary cutter.

  3. GREAT post, Judy! I love my GO, too!!! AccuQuilt is super!

  4. Lucky you to get the tour!! Love it.