Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'll Never Get It Finished... But My Sister Will!!

Seems like life and things keep getting in the way of my finishing up my kitchen.  Some of you might emember when my kitchen was all torn up 'cause I was getting new Pergo flooring laid.    You can read it here.

My sister loves to re-decorate and is constantly changing things around or changing colors in her house.  She's fast and doesn't mess around or procrastinate like I do.  She was over here visiting one day and my windows were still bare.  She told me to go get my big bin of 30's reproduction prints and she was taking them home.

(Yes...sometimes she's bossy, but hey......she's my big sister, and sometimes big sisters get a little bossy.)

Here's one of the windows with my 30's Repro Prints valances she made.    Sorry the sun shines in that window and the picture's not very good.......but you get the idea. we go again a couple months later (we live about 1/2 block from each other) she's here again  asking me "when are you going to hang those things on the walls and at  the ends of the cupboards like you planned??"

DUH??   I never have an answer for her.

 "Go get the hammer (yup!...bossy again.) and some nails"   I always do what she says. (Well....almost all the time.)   Bossing me again, she then told me to go tear a few strips of fabrics to match the valances. 

Here's what she did that day.


I now have two of these orange daisies on the sides of the cupboards....just like I planned.   I love the little crocheted dishcloth dresses. 


This kitchen cart sits under one of the cupboards, so she plops down one of the old yellow & white crocheted dishcloths that was with the crocheted dresses and puts my little watering can on it.

Wonder what she'll do next? 

There's a couple more places  to hang some things........or

maybe she'll come back & clean out the cupboards??


  1. I'm so glad I found you! Leave to sisters to come to the rescue!

  2. Your sister sounds a bit like me.... loves to tittivate the house! she has done well at your house for sure.
    Now I'm left wondering what her house looks like!
    Oh and I love the window valances, tell her she's a very Clever Tart!

  3. Thank heavens for sisters....she did a fantastic job on the cutains and decorating.

  4. Can you send her to my house?? I can't figure out paint colors.....

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