Friday, September 2, 2011

Names Everywhere......and a Recipe.

You see names on things everyday all over the place;  stores, letter head, business cards, blogs, Etsy shops,  t shirts, facebook pages, purses, email addresses,  eyeglass frames, even burb cloths for babies. (And.....yes, I could make this whole post about finding names on things, but you don't want me to GO there, do you?)

I'm easily distracted and love to GO ......(Sorry about that large GO, but I've done that ever since I won my AccuQuilt GO Cutter last year...and I'm not about to quit now...)   .......from one thing to the next, then start another project, then that one gives me inspiration for another idea.....and on and on.  Maybe that's me.....maybe that's a quilter.....maybe that's just the way it is.  Who knows?

Well, back to what I was talking about......(see...I told you I was easily distracted.)  What was it?    Oh yeah.... another place you can find names. 

But first,  we'll talk about recipes.  What? patient!

RECIPE .........for another place you'll find names!

Take 5-6 sets of these.

Yellow Quilt Fabric 5" Squares

Add  5-6 sets of these:

Black and White Quilt Fabric 5" Squares

Add in some of this:

White Kona Cotton Fabric

Cut into pieces like this:

Toss lightly, mixing well for good assortment.

Sew 3 pieces together randomly.

Serve with a permanent fabric marking pen:  Sign your Name on the white fabric.

And you have 150 Signature Wedding Quilt Blocks for a custom order.  Ahhhh!  Hhhaaa!  another place for names, lots of names.

I love getting distracted with projects like this one;  fun to do, something different, lots of wonderful chain piecing (my favorite thing to do), and I'm happy with the end result. time for something else!  What's next? 

Wonder what it is???

Thanks for visiting.  


  1. Gorgeous!!! I love that color combination.

  2. Very nice! This will make up a beautiful quilt ~

  3. Thanks for the great recipe. Looks tasty!

  4. What a wonderful idea! Will you be getting those blocks back to make into a quilt after the wedding? I love the black/white/yellow combination!


  5. You have no idea how much I love this...really whle home is decorated in yellows, blacks and white..great selection of you GO girl lol

  6. Great colours - would love to see what the rest of the wedding theme looks like!

  7. Yummy recipe. I tend to forget about using black/yellow/white but they always look great. Perfect for a wedding memory quilt too. Very special.