Sunday, September 12, 2010

World Famous Pier 39 - San Francisco

Sharing more of my vacation pictures from San Francisco.............

No vacation to San Francisco would be complete without visiting the world famous Pier 39.

Lots of tourists and locals come to  watch the seals sunning themselves on one of the many seal floating platforms.

Very clear day to get a great shot of Alcatraz Island in the Bay.   There are tour boats to take you to see the prison.  Remember seeing the movies "Escape from Alcatraz" and the "Birdman of Alcatraz"..true stories.

This particular day we saw many HUGE barges coming into the Bay with containers of goods from Asia.  My picture doesn't really show you how large they are, but this one is "hiding" Alcatraz Island... and to give you a size perspective...the white boat is a very large tour boat.

There is a huge underwater Aquarium by the Bay at Pier 39, and we spent over 2 hours .....simply entranced with all the fish, touching tidepools, 9 ft long 7 gill sharks, & jelly fish that are totally surrounding you and even overhead in big tanks....3 stories high. 

This picture of the jelly fish looks fake......but I assure you, these are real.

Naturally, we had to make a stop at the outdoor fresh organic fruit stand.  The strawberries were HUGE!  I bought a bag of bing cherries. 

It's always fun to see all the sailboats and makes you wonder why they aren't all out on the water on such a beautiful day.

I'll end this again with another beach picture.........sigh!  My favorite "playpen"  in the whole world is the beach.'s a secret....don't tell anyone, but I love the beach even more than my sewing/quilting.  Can you tell?


  1. Oh...I am with you on that last comment about the beach..I won't tell if you don't.

    Loved the pictures, maybe one day I will be able to go there?

  2. I've never been to California and would love to visit one day. Your pictures are beautiful.

    I live about 15 minutes from the beach and rarely go anymore. I've had a 4 spots on my face that have had issues and it's just best to stay out of the sun as much as possible. I miss the days spent there.

  3. Love the pics, brings back memories from my honeymoon there just 6 years ago to my second husband. What a wonderful place, I want to go back! Steph

  4. Wonderful photos..I'm enjoying your vacation. I would love to visit San Fran...sigh!


  5. Oh my! What an awesome vacation. I thought those strawberries were Roma tomatoes until I read! WOW!

    Great pics!

  6. That second picture of the jellyfish would look great as a quilt...fantastic shot!