Sunday, September 26, 2010


I love the posts where different bloggers show these wonderful looking  fancy plates, table settings, special cooked food, recipes, fresh grown veggies, special desserts and talk about how they chopped this, and peeled that, and SLAVED all day in the kitchen for the 10 minutes it takes everyone to gulp it down! 

I've had 3 days of computer/internet problems that has taken all of my time, energy, & patience.  The AT&T service technician has been to my house 3 times in 3 days; one time for 3 1/2 hrs.  Finally today, after practically dismantling all the wires, cords, surge protectors, modems, phone lines, satellite dish, alarm system, outside telephone box;  everything and anything that could be causing the problem, she discovered (yes..a female technician) that the main telephone line coming from the main box was bad and actually had a crack in it.  AND.....I've been messing with this problem on and off since January 12, 2010.  Can you believe it?

Needless to say for 3 days, this has taken all of my energy, time, patience......and especially taken away from time in my sewing room!  That is the corker to all of this.......don't mess with a quilter's time!

So, thought I'd share one of my special dinners on my blog, just like all the other fantastic cooks out there.  Here's my special dinner I fixed for me tonight.  I definitely needed comfort food after the last 3 days. 

And, bet you're wondering what I ate for dessert??.............ahhhhh!

I didn't eat the whole package............YET!   

What do you like to eat after 3 days of frustration and no time for sewing??

Thanks for stopping by and tomorrow, let's do some quilting!


  1. Glad you go the problem solved....

    You made me your desert...can I have some?

  2. I don't like to cook and slave...or clean the mess. I can always make do with what's in the house to eat.

  3. I rather like your dessert... I would eat chocolate cake with chocolate sauce if I could!

  4. I just love Zatarain's Frozen Dirty Rice. Just 8 minutes in the microwave and we're done! Lately I've been on a Heath Bar kick, so that's my dessert. I really like the Stouffer's Mac and cheese too!

  5. Sometimes it takes a woman's intuition to fix the complex problems! Kudos to your tech for getting down to basics to fix the problem once & for all!

    So, what was in the little cup? Double Stuff Oreos....what could go wrong in a day that includes DSO's?

  6. Thanks!! I'm in tears from laughing! My fave-Stouffer's Mac & Cheese....prefer soft Chip Ahoy over Oreos but who long as the milk is cold!

  7. last...a woman after my own heart!!!! All I can say is YUMMO !!!

  8. Oh my gosh I LOVE this, I look at those blogs where the show wonderful food, and beautiful home decorating ideas, and laugh, I live in a daycare! My home will never be beautiful, and the food I cook is homey and healthy and seved on old chipped plates on a good day and white paper plated on a quilty day (that is if I make it to the kitchen) so in my book a dinner of oreos.. is A-OK