Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's almost time for lunch and I'm still remembering my IN and OUT burger when I was in CA on vacation.  Wish I had one right now.  Best burger in the whole country and as far as I know, they only have their Drive thrus in CA.      boo hoo.....sigh!

I always order their Double-Double with fries and a Chocolate shake.  Can't GO  wrong with that and they're the BEST!  ........snort...snort....PIGGY, PIGGY!'s time to stop reflecting on vacation (ya'll are probably tired of me and my vacation yakking, anyway)  and get back to posting about sewing/quilting/my GO cutter and recent happenings.

I had a nice big surprise package waiting for me when I got home from San Francisco, and here's what was in it.

I  won the CT Publishing giveaway!  Wow!  I received 5 new books called Simple Quilts #1 - #5 by Alex Anderson and Liz Aneloski, 8 new fat quarters by P & B Textiles of Alex's new Elizabeth Anne fabric line, and a Gift Certificate for a Star Membership  to The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.  What a great giveaway and thank you CT Publishing, Alex and Ricky.

The designs/patterns in the books look great, easy, simple (as the name says) and perfect to use with the GO cutter.  Now to just decide which pattern to use with my new fat quarters. 

Thanks again CT Publishing!


  1. Mmmm the food sounds yummy but the win looks even better! Congrats on another win! Now can you give me 6 magic numbers for the lotto?! ;-)

  2. what a great find when you got home....

  3. Nice Burger and a NICER Prize! Congrats!

  4. I&O was just outvoted here as the best burger by Five Guys who just came into CA.

    Bet you loved coming home to all of those great goodies.

  5. You sure have been lucky with the big wins lately...I need to come and rub shoulders with you...

  6. YUM!

    And you are definitely the luckiest girl I know!

  7. I live in California and love In and Out burgers but their fries? Not so much.
    Congratulations on you win!

  8. I never knew about those burgers but it sure looks as if you enjoyed it! You are just SOOO lucky lately. I can't believe how much you've won in recent months!