Thursday, September 2, 2010

Treasures of Inspiration

Vacation update from Pacifica, CA.......

I'm staying out of the sun and not going to the beach today..(darn it) will share some of my recent thoughts & treasures I found outside.   You know, if we all look and take the time to look....we do find treasures right where we are.   Where are you finding your treasures today?

My son, Scott, definitely has a green thumb.  His patio garden in Pacifica is definitely proof of that.   Every bit of available space/corner/fence/table/shelving rack has plants & flowers.......simply gorgeous!  He told me that coming home from work & puttering with his patio garden plants & flowers is one of his favorite things to do.   Here's a few of his flowers I found inspiring.

I love how the plants & trees are recessed behind this gorgeous adds an interesting setting for the background of the picture ...yet doesn't take away from the focal of the sunflower.  He has several of these tall smiling sun worshipers.... all started from seed.

Sunflowers lift their smiling faces toward the sun and turn to follow it...isn't that amazing?

The summertime days in Pacifica are usually cooler & sometimes foggy, so all of his flowers this year are "late bloomers".  But I know they just waited for me to come here for my vacation, so I could drink my tea on the patio and admire their colors & scents. 

It's amazing to me that all of his garden plants & flowers are planted in pots.  He likes to re-arrange them and move them about......according to color, height, size...sure works well.  This cluster tea rose is bursting with blooms and has lots of new buds.   Since shades of pinks are one of my favorite colors, I thought of quilts and what wonderful inspiration Mother Nature provides for all of us.   Now..if I could just capture the different shades in fabrics............sigh!  

Such treasures I'm finding  today!  

I hope you find some treasures of your own today!


  1. your flowers are treasures...I found some treasures in my quilting buddies fabric stash...she had just what I needed

  2. What beautiful flowers and how nice to sit and sip tea while enjoying them!

  3. Wow beautiful! What a great view to enjoy your tea!

  4. Sounds like a fun time. I'm so happy your son appreciates gardening and has a green thumb. Although I'm a bit jealous of how beautiful his garden is. Please bring him with you whenever you come visit me in So. Cal. My garden can certain use his green thumb!


  5. Beautiful flowers. I took the bud off the top of one of my sunflowers to see what it would do, and it sprouted more smaller sunflowers all around like a little bush. It was cute. Think I will try it again next year. It didn't grow as tall as a regular sunflower, but it was cute with all the pretty flowers all around it. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!

  6. I have tons of flowers too and i love them all. Yours are spectacular!

  7. What a green thumb he has! Such a beautiful vacation spot for you!

  8. What a garden...your son certainly has a green thumb!