Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Let's GO again for the FREE GO Giveaway!

How would you  like this free GO cutter by AccuQuilt delivered to your house by the Big Brown Truck??

Then you could GO and cut lots of quilt strips, squares, triangles like these! 

Thanks to the great generosity of AccuQuilt, I am able to offer a GO cutter to some lucky winner of my special blog giveaway.  I feel very honored to be able to do this.   AccuQuilt and this machine has completely changed my entire life as a quilter, and I'm very thrilled to be able to give this opportunity to someone else in the quilting world.  To enter GO back one post or click on the picture on my side bar at the right hand top of this page.

It is so exciting to see the number of people who have already entered and complied with the rules of the giveaway.   GOod for you!   AND..today, I feel there is a need to clarify the rules again.  There have been several people who are NOT following the rules and completing all 5 requirements to earn an entry for the Free GO cutter.   

Hey,  my friends, this is not rocket science and you don't need a special degree in contests, or quilting, or reading to do this.  It's  sew simple;  GO read, & FOLLOW THE RULES then leave your ONE comment.

If  you think you have already entered, I suggest you GO back & read your comment to make sure you have met all the rules.   In all fairness to those people who have followed and complied with the rules,   it has become necessary for me to disqualify the names of the people who have not/do not follow the rules.    I've tried to send personal emails to those people so they could GO back and edit/delete and do it correctly, but this has become way too time consuming for me to continue doing that.  Hey...boys & girls,  I want to do some cutting and quilting!    Cutting with my GO cutter is fun!  

5 easy things to answer in ONE comment .......and YOU could win a GO cutter!  Wow!
1.  follow my blog..and tell me.
2.  follow me on twitter...and tell me.
3.  become a friend of mine on facebook...and tell me.
4.  GO to AccuQuilt's facebook and become a fan or "like", and tell them "sewfunquilts sent me"...then tell me.
5.  GO to AccuQuilt's website, look at the GO.  Tell me which two features you like about the GO.

Ok..that's it.  Thanks everyone, GO have some fun today, GO read the rules, GO leave your ONE comment to get an entry to win a FREE GO cutter from AccuQuilt.  Good luck.

(I wonder how many time I said the word GO??.....tee hee.  See, GO cutter is fun!)



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  2. Well, Judy, looks like you've said GO
    32 times in your post and once in your Labels.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this GO

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  3. I'm not entering, but had entered with the intent to help out Pokey of Pokey Dot Quilting. She has now entered.

    Took me awhile to figure out how to remove comments left on your blog. Turns out if bloggers are logged into their blog, they can open up another view to go to the blog where they want to remove comments. They'll then see a little trashcan next to their comment (not others) and when they click on the little trashcan they can delete their comment.

    Good luck to the ultimate winner of your giveaway. I'm sure they'll enjoy the GO!


  4. SOrry about that Judy. I went in and deleted my first post since I did not have all five things in there and left the second one.

  5. HI Judy..
    I have all done all 5 things and for the final one, the 2 things I love about the GO..are
    portability, and accuracy! I also love the thought of being able to SHARE my GO with my elderly quilting buddies. I volunteer at 3 of our Sr. Centers and this would sure be a handy/helpful tool to get more kits cut out with the girls!

  6. I did all five things, and I am crossing my fingers.
    I would love the GO!

  7. I am GOing to love having that box delivered to my house. I have so many projects that would GO much faster if I had one! I have all 5 points done. I follow your blog, FB and Twitter, Accucut's FB, said you sent me, and can't wait to make a GO quilt! I also shared your contest on FB. I need speedier cutting, accurate triangles, faster raggies, I can't wait to win a GO!! Hugs from Maryellen! GOing to win!!

  8. Hope i do this right,
    I do follow you on facebook and will now on my blog,
    Thankyou so much,

  9. yes. i would LOVE one and would share

  10. I think I already entered...your post is so clever though I just had to comment

  11. I am following , and like the face book page,and would like the tumbler. I just have not done twitter.... not too sure about that. I do not tweet.. but I guess someone else could use the Go cutter. Thanks Amy

  12. 1. I became a blog follower!
    2. I became a follower on Twitter
    3. I sent you a friend request on facebook
    4. I told AccuQuilt’s facebook page that you sent me.
    5. I have been eyeing the AccuQuilt Go! for such a long time! I would love to make more intricate quilts, such as the double wedding ring, Dresden plates, and drunkard’s path. I am terrible at making accurate cuts and I think this would be a fantastic tool to help me!

  13. Hey Judy!

    1.) I am now a follower of your blog!
    2.) I'm following you on twitter!
    3.) I added you as a friend on Facebook.
    4.) I told the Accuquilt Facebook page that you sent me.
    5.) My favorite two features about the GO cutter is accuracy and the small amount of space it would take up. I am just horrible at cutting things straight, and having a GO cutter would help me enjoy piecing and quilting sooo much more. As far as space goes, I live in a small apartment so having a cutter that folds up so neatly and compactly would be a major plus!! :D

  14. Follower on your blog
    Following on Twitter
    Added you as a Facebook friend
    Told Accuquilt Facebook you sent me
    I would like a GO cutter so I can cut out quilt as both shoulders are messed up and it is hard to hand cut quilts and I love all the different quilts that can be made with GO

  15. Too bad........I would love to enter but I do not Facebook or Twitter
    Anyway the GO cutter looks like an absolutely amazing tool. Good luck to all the entrants, I am quite sure the winner will be thrilled

    You GO girls!!!!

  16. 1.I am a blog follower now.
    2. Following you on Twitter! Natalia over at PiecenQuilt has a group every Tues. where we can talk quilting through Twitter!!
    3.Added you as a friend on Facebook.
    4.AccuQuilt now knows that YOU sent me;)
    5.Favorite features would be its lightness (who wants something heavy that they have to lug around!) and I LOVE that it's supposed to be sOOO much faster!!!! (From what I am told!)

  17. Wow, what a nice giveaway, I would love to enter but I do not tweet and do not facebook, but good luck to everyone.

  18. I am now a follower on your blog and have added your blog to mine (grandmasside@blogspot.com)
    I have gone to Facebook and Twitter and became a follower
    I went to AccuQuilt's facebook and became a fan and I mentioned sewfunquilts
    At first I didn't think I would have a need for the GO but the more I looked at it and saw how accurate and fast that it was I changed my mind. I'm always seeking perfection and this might get me one step closer.

  19. Ok, I am a follower. Couldn't find you rFace Book link.

  20. I am now a follower of your blog, on Twitter, and a friend request sent on FaceBook. I mentioned your site and that I entered your giveaway at the Accuquilt FB site. (I already "like" that site). I have been at the Accuquilt web site and the most appealing feature is the ease and speed of getting a quilt cut out for someone with arthritic hands. Another favorable feature is almost all the designs I would be interested in are available.
    Thanks for this opportunity to win and your zippered pouches and bags are darling.