Thursday, August 5, 2010


What is that crying noise??  

My GO cutter from AccuQuilt went to bed crying last night!  Sniff.....snifff....and would just not GO to sleep. 

I finally had to get up and GO visit the AccuQuilt website again to see the new GO dies!  My GO cutter from AccuQuilt wants ALL of them and when I promised her (yes...mine is a her) that I would get all of them, she finally stopped crying and went to sleep.  

Thank Goodness!    Oh, which ones to order first? 

GO see for yourself.....Sunbonnet Sue, Double Wedding Ring, Drunkard's Path...and many more.

Tell all your friends about my blog and to start following me! 

There might just be a special surprise GOing on here in a few days!  mmmmmmmmmmmhhh???? 

Wonder what it's GOing to be??


  1. I say go for the double wedding ring!

  2. So Sorry to hear your GO! is crying. I've heard of some GO!s that don't want to go to sleep, as they want to stay up all night cutting. But haven't heard of any that cry all night. On the other hand I can understand your GO! wants more dies! I'll accept that. And, it can easily be fixed! Mine wants the new Double Wedding Ring die. She has the Drunkard's path die and loves it!


  3. I am glad that you were finally able to pacify the GO. All of the dies????? Wow!

  4. How sad having to listen to your poor little baby crying like that! I think you should start with the Double Wedding Ring and see if that won't make her happy for a while! I'll be keeping a close eye on your site over the next few days to see what surprise you have in mind :)


  5. You are so go over there and buy ya some new ones...... My husband was taunting me the other day. I was whinnning that I needed some more dies and he goes "So barbara wants some new dies"...said that alot that a whinny voice...hummmm I guess the batting eyes don't work on him anymore??? But....I have a secret stash of money.....I will fix that..

  6. I love the Dresden. I think you need it too! :)

  7. I love the Dresden Plate and Overall Sam dies. More poor Go! is currently buried under a stack of half finished quilts that need to be finished soon.