Friday, August 6, 2010


What do you do when your sewing room is full of scraps??

Just get out your GO cutter from AccuQuilt and cut them up into smaller strips and get to sewing.  The scrap bins keep overflowing, but I just keep cutting!

I call this mindless sewing!  This is what  I do when I don't feel like concentrating or "thinking" quilting or complex designs.  Yet... I still want to do some sewing ..... I just do some strip piecing on foundation squares.  My mind can wander, and I can dream of other projects, have the tv turned to a good movie,  or plan my next project using my GO cutter. 

What do you do for "Mindless Sewing"? 


  1. when I need a mindless sewing project, I turn to Mary's quick stripie quilt from You can complete a quilt top in about an hour after it has been cut out. I have about 50 quilt kits cut out. You see, I first must pull out everything and match three fabrics that go together. I find that if I pull everything out and match everything together and put together 50-100 kits at a time, I can sit down anytime I want and just sew. Of course, by the time I'm done making kits, I'm so exhausted and my house is such a mess I don't feel much like sewing anymore! Can I come over and play with your scraps instead?

  2. Glad you are enjoying your Go cutter....making alot of fun stuff!!

  3. LOVE your strip blocks. NICE!

    I try not to sew when I'm tired. TOO, too many mistakes no matter how simple the project.


  4. Love scrap sewing! I like to do the same mindless sewing. Strip quilt sewing lets your mind wander and hopefully come up with the next project.

  5. When I feel like doing mindless sewing, I make 9 patches. I love 9 patches. Your blocks are neat looking. I may have to try foundation piecing some time. Winona

  6. It's okay to be drowning in scraps...just remember to come up for air once in awhile!
    Mindless sewing for me at this time is working on basting up my hexies.