Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Early..I HAULED IN THE LOOT!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's  (and to those of you who are still have a Mother, so remember and acknowledge her on this special day.)

I love this day and look forward to it every year.  A Day to Honor our Mothers, and ourselves, and our daughters who are Mothers too!  Mother's day for me came early this year and look at the loot I got!  My youngest son always calls me on Mother's Day, so I can still look forward to Sunday!

My oldest son always sends me a bouquet of flowers and this year, they are gorgeous lillies, and there are oodles of buds and I'll be able to enjoy them for many days.  He never forgets and has been doing this for many years.  I love getting flowers from him.

If you stick your nose close to your monitor, you might be able to smell them!

I also got a big box full of goodies from my daughter, along with some new pictures of her family and 3 of my grandkids!  They just got back from a Carnival Cruise and one of the pictures was taken on board.

She introduced me to Chai tea with vanilla when I was in Indiana at Christmas time, so she got me a new mug and included a tea bag.  I will text her when drinking this tea, so we can "be together".

She called me last Saturday when she was out shopping at JoAnn's (our favorite haunt when we are together) and she said she was looking for some new beads.  I laughed and told her I needed some new seed beads for the silk bags I was making, and look what she sent.  (I took them out of their bags & put them in my plastic bead containers.)

My daughter is a very creative, artistic, talented woman; paints, sews, quilts, scrapbooks, card maker, jewelry designer, decorator, gardener, Girl Scout Leader, ....on and on.  She made this jewlery set for me.

Here's close ups of the purple beads......They are made OUT OF FABRIC!

I love celebrating this wonderful day a bit early...and for 4 days in a row! 


  1. Wow you did get the's nice to be loved!

  2. Wow, great gifts. Your daughter must take after you, even knowing that your jewelry has to use fabric!! lol. Great job, DD.

  3. wow, you did take in some good loot....

    but I can't smell the flowers....pooey!!

  4. Nice haul.. I love Stash Vanilla Chai tea. mmmmmm good.

  5. Lovely gifts! So glad that you had a lovely day!