Monday, May 31, 2010

Honest..I really do sew other things!

Here's my latest project.   

It's kinda fun once in a
while to have a simple, easy sewing project.  I find it helps "re-charge" my batteries!

Just so you know I actually do sew, thought I'd show you these progress shots.

One year for Christmas I made lots of pillow cases for my kids & grandkids.  Some even had some embroidered mongrams on them.  mmmmmh???  They are all probably worn out by now and that's still a good gift idea for this year......file it away, so you don't forget it.  Yeah!  Sure.

I wonder if I'll remember this idea again, when it's rush and scramble time for Christmas gifts??


  1. That fabric is soooo cute!!

  2. LOL... Great fabric. Surely this isn't for the grandkids! hehehehee

  3. Great fabric! Those would be perfect for a friend of mine. :-)