Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My "Helpers" Just Won't Help Me Today!

I've got lots to do today and my helpers are not cooperating.

The "King", Braveheart and his sister, Princess, are just no help to me today with all of this cutting and folding I need to do.  They are usually "inspecting" every piece of fabric I get out.  We'll just see who fixes their supper tonight, won't we?  They are just way too sleepy!
So I just started pressing, cutting and folding without them.  I've got lots of background neutral strips to cut today.

Yes, I am still folding my fabrics using the folding technique found on Tip Nut....and my helpers are still not helping!  

Back to work.........without any helpers!


  1. It is great to have so good helpers when they want to help )))) My cat is always curious if I am busy with anything too ))

  2. What is the fabric-folding tip you discovered? Your helpers are cute, though....even if they are not being very helpful.

  3. I use a folding technique similar to that one...but mine doesn't seem to stay folded.

  4. That looks like "good help gone bad"

    It could be that tied fleece blankie you made them :)

  5. Your helpers help you a lot. They give you a lot of love. LOL

  6. Love your two delightful helpers, Just too cute for words,