Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Old Hens or Young Chicks?? Tied Together Quilt bee at its best!

Here's just a few "old hens" behaving like "young chicks"........We had a 75th Birthday Girl  celebration at our quilt bee and we just had to surprise her with goodies & chocolate cake!    If you look close, you'll see a fat quarter with some RV sayings on it.  Yes, this lady drives her own rig and belongs to the Women RVers National Group. 
Last year she drove her rig to Alaska.

Now if you count those candles, there's only 16 of 'em on that luscious gooey cake.  We thought 16 was a good age for our "guest of honor"!   

We really do a little sewing at our Tied Together Bee meetings.  If you look close, you can see some sewing machines!  Table sure is messy and this time not with fabric pieces!

I know you're wondering what this picture is all about, huh?  We are the "Tied Together Bee", so every once in a while we do this little ritual where we each tie a strip of fabric in a couple loops and tie our strip to the fabric strip on our right and on our left.  You have to admit, it's crazy, but it's meaningful to us and keeps us "Tied Together"!


  1. That is just such a fun picture.....still need to go by and purchase....have you come by my blog laterly? got some fun stuff going on

  2. If I didn't already know, I would have guessed this was a group of quilt-makers. They always have that same "tied together" look of good fellowship! Congrats to your friend.