Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do you ever get tired of cutting fabric??

I haven't been blogging as much as usual and have missed it.  I've been so busy cutting, and more cutting; buying fabrics to cut, cutting fabrics for raggy quilt projects, cutting squares for my Dolly Quilts, working on a couple custom orders, cutting squares & jelly rolls to sell on

Ebay and


.....whew!   My rotary cutter smiles everytime I put in a new blade! 

Here's a bunch of new Christmas fabrics I've been cutting for squares, strips, dolly quilts, quilt kits and my own Christmas projects.  AND......still cutting!  Thank goodness for rotary cutters!


It's that time of year for snuggly, warm raggy quilts, so I'm back to cutting flannels & minky too!

Thanks for stopping by to visit.


  1. I was wondering where you have I have gone cutting happy. Can't wait to see what all those lovely fabrics are going to bring.....have fun!!

  2. wow, that is a lot of cutting! cool pics, thanks for sharing.

  3. I find cutting fabric relaxing, so I never minded doing it. But while making the "All Roads Lead to the Sea" quilt, I had to cut more little pieces than ever. Here's a heads up -- I actually developed a painful lump deep in the palm of my hand where the cutter was resting. I was concerned so went to the doctor, but he simply called it a rotary cutting hazard. The cure was to pad my rotary cutter handle with foam which makes it a bit clumsy, but my hand is getting better.
    Your fabrics are beautiful...going to check them out in your stores!