Sunday, November 8, 2009

Have I got a deal for all sewers, quilters, scrapbookers, crafters...COME SEE!

Are you wondering why I am calling all sewers, quilters, scrapbookers, crafters??  This is the handiest little gadget you'll ever have and we all love our special little gadgets for our  hobbies, don't we??

I just finished some new listings on both Ebay and Etsy.   Go see them here:

FOR SURE'll want more than one!  There's 6 different colors!

Want a  discount??   Silly question, with today's economy,  huh?   Anyone who goes to either of my stores and buys one of these from me in the next 5 days and mentions they saw it on my blog, will get a 10% DISCOUNT and a FREE SURPRISE!   

Have fun! 


  1. Will you take a personal check....I do have pay pal but I am getting below 200, I need to add more money and the bank is in TX.... I have 3 bank accounts, that one is for my pay pal expenses....don't want you to think Iam out of cash..hehee

  2. That's so cleaver! If it was a sewing machine mat with a couple more compartments for things like scissors, seam ripper, marking pen, and sewing gauge, I would be all over it. I drop all my threads and small scraps on the small bit of table in front of me. Yes, it ends up on my lap many times. I figure if I had a sewing machine mat with a middle pouch for trash, it would be perfect. I love that you made it detachable.