Sunday, November 1, 2009

"BIG KIDS" & their Halloween Costumes!

We had our Annual Red Hat Halloween party yesterday at a restaurant called the Time Machine.  The waiters & waitresses are always in costume and it's especially a fun place to go for a DIGNIFIED LUNCHEON for older ladies! 

Here is Patches the Clown, one of my quilting friends.  She has different "PATCHES" costumes for different events, and for Halloween she is scarecrow.  She goes to nursing homes, children's hospitals, etc., to brighten others lives!  She is a member of our Tied Together Quilt Bee.

We had a couple of San Antonio SPURS cheerleaders, a college graduate, witches, Raggedy Ann, Saloon Girls,  an Indian, a nurse, Red Riding Hood passing out the candy is our Queen...........  lots of Red Hat Witches, A Construction Worker, A dancer.

This is our Pirate Waiter showing off his "hot buns"!

                                                                                        Witches, witches, and more witches!
A fun time was had by all us DIGNIFIED LADIES!


  1. It does not matter what age we are... dressing up is always fun! You girls did well.