Friday, June 12, 2009


I need help! Is there a Fabric Scraps Saving Magic Fairy out there somewhere???

My fabric scraps saving has got to stop! I used to save all of my quilt fabric scraps & sell "surprise scrap grab bags" on Ebay. I stopped doing that, as could only get $1-$2 for a Priority Mail Tyvek envelope full of them. I even sold 2" squares for watercolor projects in sets of 100 different print squares. Lots of cutting on that one, my friends! Then I sold 2" strips to use up the bolt ends. Also, stopped doing that due to the Jelly Roll frenzy and the popular size changed to 2 1/2" wide.

So, NOW....what to do with all of these scraps?? When I was cleaning up from another project and scraps were everywhere, I knew there had to be something better to do with all of this mess! Well sure.... make scrappy string blocks, naturally! I started cutting squares of backing fabrics out of muslin and started sewing 2 nights ago. Great project when you don't want to concentrate on doing something intricate, but yet you still want to sew. I like to do this at night while also watching tv for an hour or so. You'd be surprised how many blocks you can get made in one hour.

I've only done this 2 nights in a row now, and have over 23 blocks made.

What to do with all of the little tiny scrappy pieces??? I save those too!! I save all of those itsy teeny pieces, selveges, thread clumps, batting scraps, trim edges, etc. in plastic grocery bags. When I have 2-3 of these bags totally full I give them to a quilter friend of mine. She uses these scraps as "stuffing" for doggie pillows for the local shelters & Doxie Rescue Foster homes. Fleece works very well for the pillow covers, and you can make them big or small, depending upon the dog breed.

Now you know why I am looking for the Fabric Scraps Magic Fairy!
My sewing room is becoming a scrap room!
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  1. Please contact Project Linus & donate them to this wonderful organization. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. I, too, am accumulating a ton of scraps. I have scraps in boxes and scraps in bags and even color coordinated scraps. Now I'm even saving selvedges!! I guess there's just no cure for fabric scraps!! lol

  3. TY for dropping by ... I am glad that you are involved with Project Linus. It is such a wonderful cause. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. I love scrappy quilts. Your scraps are bigger than mine & you found the perfect use for them with the string blocks!

    Basket blocks are great for a scrappy quilt idea too!

  5. I am glad the post today is good for you ...
    TTFN ~Marydon

  6. Great ideas for managing the scraps!

  7. I too have been saving scraps after hearing about the pillows for dogs. I put all my scraps in a tote bag and when I accumulate enough I will find some place to send them. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I love hearing from quilters out there in blogland!