Monday, June 1, 2009

The KING of the Castle!

This is the KING! There are 3 cats here in SEW FUN QUILTS Castle who allow me to live here. This one is the KING of this Castle, and I am his servant. His name is Braveheart and when he was born, he was the first one of the litter of 4 to venture out of the box on his own.

He is a talker and has to "talk" to everyone who comes to the Castle. Let me tell better pet him and talk to him..or he won't leave you alone until you do. When he's finished "talking" with you, he'll dismiss you, lay down near you or on you, then you can continue your visit with his "servant". Of course, you have to continue to pet him & tell him how handsome and smart he is, or you will be banned from the Castle.

The other two female felines that live in his Castle are simply cats; one being his sister, named Princess, a long haired black & white beauty, with whom he likes sleeping beside him. Roxie is the other female; a rescued feral who was bottle fed by the "servant" before her eyes were even opened. The KING only tolerates Roxie living in his CASTLE to amuse him when he's in the mood for a Combat session.

If the servant doesn't have his dinner prepared on time, the KING finds her in the Sewing Factory and demands to be served immediately.

All worthwhile servants obey their KINGS!


  1. Too funny! He's a cutie! which one is in your avatar?

  2. He is very majestic so certainly lives up to his nick name.

  3. Your majesty, I am staff at Princess's house. Princess is very unhappy with me. I have petted her and scratched her belly. I did a terrible thing. I brought a YARD cat into the house a few weeks ago that was in heat to keep her from being bred. Princess has let me know I have overstepped my bounds. The yard cat has not manners and lays in princess's chair, place on the bed and eats from her dish. It is scary in our house. lol

  4. He is quite the handsome fellow, isn't he? A born leader to be sure! All hail the king!! lol

  5. Thanks for your comments. The Avatar picture is one of the outside feral cats when he was a kitten. His name was Handsome, and he is no longer with us...sniff, sniff. Perhaps I should change my picture to the one of the KING, Braveheart.

    His sister's name is Princess, and yes....she too would be unhappy if I brought a Yard cat into her house. Shame on you!..but glad you didn't let her breed. She needs a visit with the gynecologist, doesn't she??