Friday, June 26, 2009

Here's What I Did This Morning!

It's been so hot here in San Antonio (103 yesterday and another 103 today) that I've been going swimming in the mornings before the heat of the day. I slathered on the sun screen and was in this pool from 10am-11 .......all by myself! What a great "private" pool in the mornings! Sure beats going to the gym to get my exercise!

And it's HUGE!

The ducks are always hungry so I took some dry bread and a few of old corn tortillas to feed them. Our pond is so low on water, they don't even go in it's sad for them.

This bougainvillea bush is the only thing blooming
near the pool this year. In years past, we have had lots of pretty flowers! Just too hot this year! I couldn't resist taking this close up picture!


  1. The flowers are beautiful. And the pool looks inviting.

  2. LOL at Lee and her cannonball....a pool all alone...what is THAT like?

    The flowers are beautiful. We had those at our FL home and our old pup loved laying under it.