Friday, November 16, 2012

Lesson Learned ....Again!

If you're a regular following of my blog, you probably saw my post here about Vesuvius Mama's Blog (Erin) and the fact that she is coordinating a block project, along with her quilt guild for the Sandy Hurricane Victims!  I shared Erin's blog post with several friends, and posted it on facebook.  

Here's the blocks I'm sending to her today:

The fabrics for these do not show good contrast, but I was in a hurry to make some, so I opened up my fabric closet and grabbed these two fabrics.   There's 6 of them.  Lesson learned here.......contrast is better!

 These bright pretty blocks were made by a friend of mine in our quilt bee.  The design of the Disappearing 4 Patch block shows up so well with her choice of fabrics.

It's still not too late to make some blocks and mail them.  Here's the info from Erin.  on the instructions, size, etc. 

If you want to keep up with how many blocks and how many quilts are being donated, check here.

P.S.  Only one more day to enter for my Giveaway...

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