Thursday, April 19, 2012


Love new projects and the getting all excited over the planning, selecting the colors, the pattern and starting the sewing.  The good intentions are always there, but life gets in the way sometimes.
It's been a while since I first started these blocks using some of my beautiful batiks....(No, I'm not telling you how long it's been!)   

Finding new ways and ideas for using pre-cut strips and squares brings out my creative juices....

The first block.........

And a few more of them......

Finished Top

And hung on the hangar along with the other ones needing to be quilted.......

Now, I wonder how long before they're quilted??  Do you do this, or do you work on one project until it is  completed?

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  1. I know how long you have been working on it because we talked about it last July when I visited you. Oops... was that a secret?

    Looks beautiful!!


  2. I don't believe in UFO's...haha. One at a time for me. Otherwise, I obsess, er, um, wait. That's why I do one at a time. Either way I would obsess! Really, I think It's because I can't wait to see the end product, so I persist to the end

  3. I am a finisher...I start and work to's all the un-started ones that are the problem!

  4. Very pretty! It depends on the quilt if I finish it right away, or put it aside for later. If I had a long arm, it would be an easier decision, and would probably finish more. Otherwise I have to plan time to baste at my friend's store, then the finish is faster. His table is huge and makes it so easy! I think you need a day on your sister's machine! lol

  5. I am oooing and aaaahhhh ing over your batiks.

    I have about 10 that need to be the answer is yes.

  6. I like to have several going, and I do, regularly! Your newest one is sure in pretty colors ~

  7. Like this quilt....jelly roll friendly?