Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oops! What budget?

Budget!  What budget?   (as she stares off into space......)   And where do I have room for more fabrics and stuff? 

You know you just can't go on the Bluebonnet Trail Shop Hop   (you can read more about it) .....without blowing your monthly quilting budget.  Trust me, I know this is true! 

And then she walks into the first shop....... "But, I get lots of Free fat quarters......'cause each shop gives me a Free Fat Quarter"...sure!  Those Fat Quarters probably ended up costing me about $10 each......lol

We didn't make it to all 13 shops this year, and probably just as well.  It probably would have cost me about $15 each!   I did get 7 pretty ones, though.

A quilter can never have too many gadgets!   I should have bought 2 more packs of those clips...what was I thinking?

Was thinking Spring and all the flowers......I guess.

A girl can't pass up some pretty batiks for $5.00 a yard, can she?  Again.......that staring off into space..."sure hope I can fit these in my fabric closet with all my other batiks".

Of course....these tightly packaged batik strips don't take up that much room, do they?

These charm packs were my first purchases and started the whole thing!  I'm sure I can find room for four more tiny packages in one of my plastic storage tubs.

It's their (the charm packs) fault (not mine) I bought all this yardage to go with the charm packs... I wonder if I'll be needing more fabric storage space?  There's always the closet in the bathroom.

Can't visit with ya'll anymore, I've got to GO cut and quilt!

Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. Life is not always fair...for instance, I was (and still am) sick with this horrid cough and *very bad* chest congestion and missed the Shop Hop completely. Every day my DH got up and asked me "Are you feeling better, do you feel like going on the Shop Hop?" He is such a sweetheart, but I think he secretly missed going himslf.

    BTW, I certainly have storage space for all your purchases and I don't even live very far from you. ((((VBH))))

  2. Love fabric goodies, I'm sure you'll find a spot ~