Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quick...what's the 2 celebrations today?

1st reason to celebrate today!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to ya!  Since lots of people are using/wearing/sharing green today, I thought I would too.

I know, I's not a Shamrock......but it's GREEN and hope it made you smile!

2nd reason for celebrating today!    It's International Quilting Day!

Here's something I've been working on today.....and making a mess.

Talk about making a mess..........I'm a professional at doing that.  Just take a look!

I even got re-acquainted with my froggy buddy~

And one of my Quilt Supervisors came into visit and approve of the mess I was making! 

And.......what are you doing today?

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I am doing absoultely nothing...HA!!

    Well...we must be twins because I can make a mess in a few seconds flat!

  2. I'm spending time today straightening my messes.

  3. That watermelon is freaking me out! In a good way. :P

    I love the colors you're working with - so bright and cheerful. Also, what a cute kitty. Tabbies are one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing!