Saturday, July 2, 2011

What to do when you're between big!

The other day I was digging  looking through the stacks of  leftovers  large scraps  piled  folded nicely  in my fabric closet and came across another piece of Michael Miller's Leaves in the aqua favorite one.

mmmmh?  What to do with it?

 Under my cutting area,  I could hear a muffled cry...."use me"......."use me".....coming from somewhere.   I bent over  squatted (great to do as part of my new exercise program) down.  Ahhhhh!  Yes, my GO cutter.  I'll use Magic.  (Yes, I finally named him.)   I haven't turned that handle in a few days.  

Using the 4" finished triangle....look what Magic and I accomplished in just a couple of minutes.  And.....look,  I still have another wonderful  scrap  piece of that fabulous fabric for something else.  It couldn't get any better.

I  just sewed them together.....not knowing planning what I was going to do with them.   I simply love to chain piece and relax to the humming of my Janome, she sings to me.

I cut those babies apart so fast, it would make your head spin.  Well, not really, but by this time I'm getting kinda excited to "play".  I pressd the seams  to one side  open so they'd lay flat and there wouldn't be so much bulk in the seams.

Goody....gooody... now I can play with the squares layout!

Pinwheels are always fun!

Or maybe....hourglass blocks??

mmmmmh?   simple side by side......

Maybe with one of the pinwheels in the center?

Naw...I don't like that one.....not distinct   can't see the pinwheel well.

Ok...what else?

Nice open areas two white squares to show off some quilting?

My gosh, what am I doing?  What am I gonna make with these?


nice white area 4 triangles meeting in the middle ??  quilting motif??

I'm sure there are more ways to layout the blocks "play", but by this  time I just wanted to sew again. 

My Janome started singing to me again......sweet music to my ears. 

What do you think I did?

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Dang ! ! !
    So Many choices.


  2. I am guessing side by side?????? Any of them would be fun.

  3. I like the 4th one but I am thinking you did the last one. Can't wait to see! Thanks for the fun post. :)

  4. Hmmm, I like the side by side and the stripy versions. Pinwheels are fun too! (my latest project involves lots of pinwheels) Love how much fun you can have with triangles...

    Have only recently come across your blog (too late for the giveaway I think!) but like it a lot - am now following so I don't miss your posts!

  5. I am working on a quilt that uses the same pieces. I'll post a pic to my blog later this week of the pattern I am using.