Monday, July 11, 2011

Surprise in the Mail!

I received a BIG surprise in the mail from my oldest son who lives in CA. 

It was packed full of beautiful home decor fabric samples.

Some of the pieces are quite large.

They're not heavy upholstery type fabrics;  they're lighter weight.

My mind was just swirling about things I can make as I
pulled out each piece and stroked it, smoothed it, ran my hands
across each piece, and then re-folded it.

Ahhhhh!    I love all kinds of fabrics!
What would you make?

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Wow your son is amazing! I'm on the hunt for any cotton type fabrics at the moment as making a big quilt. It's going OK but I keep having to get more fabric every five minutes!

  2. I would probably make some little bags and cosmetic cases. Great to hold little hezie projects and such!

  3. I was thing zipper bags, purses and pillows. YES! I love fabric, too ~

  4. I meant thinking, but obviously, I Wasn't sPelLinG correctly, lol ;-}pokey

  5. Now that is one awesome son......and that is wen you know they truly love you.....

  6. He definitely "gets" you, doesn't he?! Patchwork pillows, totes, bags....all kinds of stuff you can do with those!

  7. Boy, I like seeing the comments on your post - because I have a whole tub of those samples myself that I need to use up! Good ideas!!

  8. great package from your son...must be a great son

  9. That's my kind of package.
    How did you get the paper off of the back of the samples?
    I have some. What I did so far has took to much time.