Friday, July 8, 2011

What to Do Between Big Projects.....Chapter 2

Chapter 2 in my saga of.....PLAYING! 

After playing with the different layouts of my HST aqua blocks, it was time to sew them together and do something with them.   (In case you missed Chapter 1 you can read it  here. )

I used double thread with a size 16 needle by winding a bobbin of the same color.  I did this for both the Aqua and the White thread. 

I added a "backing" fabric of the white Kona Cotton fabric to give my blocks some body before I started the quilting.

I stitched a simple (double white thread in needle, elongated stitch) 'stitch in the ditch' on this one.

Here's the one showing the stitching of the quilt design I traced on vellum.  I put a little piece of batting behind the design area and a back lining of white Kona cottonI used my open toe applique' foot, and the "triple" stitch on my sewing machine.  Why not?  I was PLAYING!

The completed design.

I also stitched one fourth of the design in the other 4 white spaces, using double white thread in the needle.  (difficult to see it..sorry.)

Now what to do with them........???

When I first found this remnant piece of fabric I had no idea what the end result was going to was just fun PLAYING!  Try it for yourself, and "Free" yourself from a pattern and "Rules"......

The finish! 

The pillow inserts I had on hand were not quite big enough; I had 14" ones and had to go buy 16" ones.   

What kind of "PLAYING" have you done lately?

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  1. These look great! I'm really new to quilting and haven't got the hang of free-style machine's still going round corners for me. I really like how these have turned out though :D

  2. Very nice! It is nice to play, and have something useable at the end of playtime too.