Friday, February 11, 2011

Which Fabric Cutter to Buy??

Have you been wondering about the different fabric cutters??

As you probably know, I love my AccuQuilt GO Cutter and use it all the time.  It saves me oodles of time, is lightweight,  is sew easy to use and cuts many, many, many 2 1/2" fabric strips for my jelly rolls I sell in my Etsy Shop.  I won my GO cutter last year from Bejeweled Barb's blog...thanks again, Barb.    

But, every once in a while I come across some information from someone's blog or website, that I just have to share with my followers.  Here's one of those times.

In case you don't follow IHAN's blog,  here's a link to Kelly's recent blog post talking about the different fabric cutters on the market......which is great, I might add.  If you aren't following her blog you should.  No excuses......just GO become a follower. 

Here's a picture of the Slice Fabrique  (I'd never even heard of that one???)

Here she is using a GO cutter die in her Sizzix Big Shot Pro Cutter.
She also has a list of the GO dies that will work in it.

Lots and lots of info on that blog post and Kelly did a great job of explaining everything.  Thanks, Kelly.  Now, GO check it out.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Kelly does have a great blog and I DO follow her:)

  2. I do love the SLICE and highly recommend it. Their four new dies, that came out for the Fabrique will work on any SLICE and provide a great value for quilting, sewing & embroidery enthusiasts.


  3. I read Kelly's blog post and love the info that she provided! I have traded in my GO! for the Sizzix Big Shot Pro. I love the ablilty to cut all mfg. dies from one machine. If I were still a scrapbooker, I might consider the Slice, but don't like having to invest in the cartridges. But I don't do applique either...

  4. Kelly HAS done us ALL a huge favor by posting her comparisons. I've bookmarked those two posts - for sure.
    I have the GO!
    The Sizzix sounds interesting. Hey, I could even begin 'scrapbooking-like projects'.


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