Friday, February 4, 2011

All over cyberland, people are talking about the  weather, snow & icy conditions.  Well,'s really been cold here too.  Not like Chicago, but really cold for us southerners.

I live in South Texas.....San Antonio (home of the famous River Walk and The Alamo) to be exact.  Last night about 9pm it started snowing and sleeting.   Officials  had to close all the freeways &  interstate highways due to the horrible slick black ice.  Schools are closed today too.

Here's what my front porch looked like this morning...notice the little kitty footprints from the feral cats.

Here's neighbor's car and street in the front.

The empty lot and street behind my house........

The sun is out and it's supposed to get above freezing today, so all of it will melt, thank goodness.  We've had several days in a row in the teens and 20's, so the sun is definitely welcome today.

I know it sure doesn't look like much to people who live in the snowy areas, but remember....this is south Texas and it's very unusual for San Antonio.

It's time to go make/sew  a warm quilt.................

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  1. It's 26 here in GA today and raining yuckiness:)

    So let's pray for WARMTH!!

  2. I would so love to have snow appear here in North Florida. We've had the cold gray days but none of the fun!

  3. Since I thought I would be frozen in all day, my plan was to sew all day....howver, when I was cleaning my kitchen this morning I noticed I had a couple of really overripe bananas. know what my next thought was??? Warm, yummy banana bread on a cold day. Well, this had a twofold reward since the oven heated up the house a little and...yes, yes, yes...that banana bread is the best. I even shared a huge hunk of it with my single neighbor.
    No, never did get to the sewing...oh, well, there's always tomorrow.
    Warm hugs to all our chilly friends.
    Marilyn in San Antonio, TX

  4. Has it warmed up there yet??? I know a little snow goes a looooooggggg way for you all!

  5. Can't wait for Spring. It has been cold here in East Texas too. Supposed to get more snow Wednesday. That will be two years in a row that we have two snows in one winter. At least the grandbabies have been having a blast playing in it. They may not see it again until they are teenagers so they need to enjoy it.

    Stay warm.

  6. It is cold here and we are in the dead of winter. There is no sign of spring, and it will be a long while till we get warmer days.