Friday, February 18, 2011

Supervisors At It Again!

Are you a quilter who hears the Quilt Police Sirens??  

I'm not even sure with today's quilters, and all the art quilts, raggy quilts, raw edged applique, simple square/rectangle patterns, and computerized long arm stitch designs, that they are even around anymore!   When they try to sneak up on me, I shoo them away and continue to quilt "My Way".

BUT...(and I hope you noticed...that's a big BUT)...there are 3 Supervisors who live with me who are constantly over-looking everything I do and especially my sewing/quilting. 

There's a  small raggedy flannel blanket that stays at the back of my small sewing table in my sewing room in front of the window.  The problem is..........there's only room for one "supervisor" at a time.
It's kinda like 'first dibs, first gets' around here.

Princess was the first one this time, and is a great " quilt supervisor".  She goes to the "office" with the outside window and stays there. 


Until Roxie shows up......that is.


Roxie  thinks she is the "Chief" Supervisor and that is her place.  She's the fatty one among the supervisors and insists that's her raggy blanket office with the window view.  Look at the look on her face....she is NOT a happy camper.

Roxie is the feral cat I rescued when her Mama dropped this 3-4 day old little fuzzy thing on my porch and ran away.  Her eyes were still closed and she couldn't walk yet, just wiggle.   I bottle fed her every 3-4 hours, made her a special little fleece/flannel "sleeping bag" and her bed was in a pet carrier on the floor beside my bed.

Consequently.....she follows me around the house all the time, and is always in the same room where I am and sometimes she causes problems. 

Sorry......I don't have a picture of what happened next.   Let's just say it got a little noisy and it sure interrupted the "quilting factory worker" from finishing that quilt.

Do you have any quilt "supervisors" in your sewing room?

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  1. I still have one supervisor, but he's more worried about needing the door opened or his food bowl filled! My number one supervisor crossed the rainbow bridge this summer, and is very much missed - she loved to come and lay by my sewing machine, knock the iron off the ironing board, and get her whiskers too close to the rotary cutter. My sewing room is lonely without her there keeping an eye on things.

  2. No supervisors here...just little ole yours tho!

  3. I have sometimes 6, yes you read that right 6 of them. 2 of them are like yours. Pulling the pins out of the pin cushions and then swatting them on the floor. swatting my neatly stacked piles of HST's waiting to be sewn onto the floor. Oh and don't lay your pencil down, you will never see it again. Now the other 4 chase these 2 all around the place, or chase each other. Now these other 4 range from 55lbs to 82 pounds, thank god they stay on the floor. When every settles down, you really have to watch where you walk, because you might step on something that will hurt someone. My blog is named after the 4 big ones. I don't think I have pics of the big ones yet. But the 2 smaller police are on there quite a few times.

  4. I love how Roxie's tail is around Princess' neck....a sign?

    We all want an office with a window...

  5. OMG, The look on Roxie's face is so disgruntled Supervisor! Poor Princess even has to put up with a tail around her neck! Roxie definitely showing whos boss! I have three supervisors, but I shue them off of my table.
    Have fun keeping your supervisors happy!

  6. Too cute! I have one supervisor who thinks that she is the ruler of the desk and has massive hissy fits when I need to sew. She also has a tendency to pull straight pins out of items that I have just pinned together and then let me know what she did and then think she deserves a head/chin scratch.

  7. I love your supervisors! Very cute. And thank you for taking Roxie into your home and giving her a skill that she can earn a living with. I think she enjoys her co-workers too!