Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love Those Charm Pack Totes!

I love using  this pattern and  Charm Squares for making totes.   I've made many of them in the past and sold them in my Etsy store.    There's two large pockets in the inside and I attach velcro to them, so your "stuff" stays put.  The little outside pocket is perfect for your keys or cell phone and is  sew handy.

Here's 3 of them I made for a custom order, using different Moda charm packs.  It's interesting how they all look different using the different Charm Pack fabrics.

I enjoyed making these so much, I just might have to make some more of them......come January!  

How about you?  Do you like to make totes/bags/purses?

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  1. It's a favorite of mine, too, we've made five for ourselves and friends. I carry one now...

  2. It is a blast to make totes, but I hate changing bags all of the time to use them.

  3. I used to make bags and totes, then took up quilting and never looked back!!

  4. I love love love making totes bags and purses, and I really love making them out of charm packs! I especially love when someone asks me to make a tote or purse to their specifications. It's a fun challenge and can be very creative!

    Yours are so cute and fun!


  5. As with quilts, it is all about the fabric. Love these totes.

  6. I've never made a bag but happen to have this pattern. Do you think it would be a good first bag?

  7. Love that pattern too!
    Yours look great!