Sunday, December 26, 2010


My sister challenged me to count my UFO's and try to get them all eliminated somehow; finish them, give them away, sell them, donate them or ???  I'm going to start today and get a head start on them for this next year!

So, as I was straightening up my sewing room (you notice I didn't say cleaning, didn't you?)  I found a UFO here, there and one hiding here, and another one in a box, and another one in a plastic zipper bag with the fabrics for borders, and another one just piled on my cutting table, and lots of them in plastic bins (get the idea I have a lot of them??).....I decided to list them out and put the list right behind my sewing machine on my old design foam board. 

With Christmas activities over, except for enjoying cold turkey sandwiches and cleaning up messes, I took a break, grabbed one of the easiest UFO'S to finish and started........

Can you see the list and how long it is??  Yikes!

Maybe I need to do one of those countdowns on my blog for finishing up UFO's  ????  I can think of lots of excuses for not doing that;  I've got too many, the list is too long, they're old, they're boring, I don't like them anymore........AND I've got so many new ideas swimming around in my head.

This is the time of the year, when we all start to make plans, dreams, ideas for 2011.  Yeah, sure.....fix that, save for that, pay off the credit cards, save for that, buy that, fix off the credit cards, buy more fabric, fix that, save for that, buy more fabric, finish the ufo's, maybe................maybe. 

Am I really getting a head start?

What about you?

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  1. Glad that you are getting your UFOS done. I have one to do and then I start my Rose of Sharon quilt.

  2. Good for you for getting started on your UFOs already!

    I have a few in my pile too :)

    Happy New Year


  3. Sounds like you're getting a head start to me! You already have one of your UFO's back under the needle again. I have one UFO that I REALLY want to get finished. It is the third quilt I started and it needs some re-doing here and there.

  4. I really only have one UFO and had to $ave to buy backing fabric and sashing fabric. Don't have quite enough sashing fabric but think will work with what I have - sometime in 2011. Right now, I'm determined to finish handquilting the current WIP first. Best wishes for a happy New Year. YES, you are really getting a great headstart with the list and actually getting down to it.

  5. Why do we always feel so compelled to finish these projects...??? Why can't we just leave them when we no longer feel excited about doing them...and...start on another that we find more interesting. Maybe someday someone else will pick it up and feel that same excitement/interest that we felt in the beginning....if not, what does it matter...??? we enjoyed it for the time and should be able to move on to something else should the inspiration move us. I'm sure in the long run, I'm going to leave lots of uncut/unsewn fabric and some "Projects in Progress" Just a thought I'm trying to hold on to.

  6. I've joined Myra's PhD Challenge to help motivate me to get my six UFOs finished by June - I figure I might be able to get one per month done! Seriously, though, if you find that you just don't like any of your UFO's, you could donate them to my church's quilt ministry - we will take them, finish them up and donate them to people in crisis. So they're off your list, and you've done some good at the same time!

  7. Tracy...list looks alot like mine...I am working on a few now! Potholders that I cut out and never finished, placemate and baby bibs! Not going to check on bigger ones yet. Good luck with your list.

  8. I too have a long list of UFOs and my goals for 2011 will include finishing these, in order to "straighten" my sewing room. Maybe we need some virtual UFO challenge activities in 2011.
    I love the UFO you are currently working on.


  9. OMG! we could be twins with a UFO lists so long! I hope you made wonderful Christmas memories and I wish you a healthy happy and very productive New Years.

  10. I have a very long list too, I am afraid to put them all on one list, because if I do I might not want to even start on it. So over at my blog I have 8 virtual other blogs I am following to help clear out the scraps, and finish the UFO's. I had made that my New Year's Resolution back in October and since then, it seems everyone else wants to do the same. So off to my sewing room I go again, getting a lot done today as it is downpouring outside.