Sunday, December 19, 2010

Annual Christmas Party - Tied Together Bee

Our Tied Together Bee and Red Hat Sew Sassy group joined together for our annual Christmast Luncheon/Party last Tuesday.  There were 9 of us this year; lots of food, fun games, and much laughter. 

We had it at Connie's (the lady standing up) this year in her new addition on her home that her husband built.  This room is perfect for our sewing adventures, lots of electrical outlets, plenty of light, ceiling fans when we need them,  separate tables for each of us, cutting table, ironing board........and a BIG screen TV.    We use it for our Red Hat Sew Sassy sewing days too!   This room was a long covered patio, and Connie's husband converted it.  You can see our tables/chairs set up in the background. 

We like to get to the eatin' part right, then play games for the rest of the time. No hot turkey dinner this year.....easy, peasy finger foods, snacks, desserts!

We each bring a white elephant gift to trade, and 3-4 wrapped gifts; simple things for prizes.  Here's my loot I took home this year!

A beautiful Quilt Kit (my white elephant triumphant win...wait til you see this one in the next picture), big cone of gold embroidery thread, Red Hat can cozy, a Vanilla candle tin, a purse light clip, a fat quarter, and an embroidered lace tree ornament.

Isn't that fabric just yummy?  It's a Michael Miller print from a few years ago, and was in a kit.  Boy, that's a super White Elephant prize, and I went home with a big smile on my face!   Don't know if I'll use it like the quilt kit pattern picture or not.   I'd like to show off that fabric.....maybe pillows?  What do you think?

Thanks for visiting. 


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. My friendship group had their Christmas party last week also. I'll be posting pictures of my gifts on my Blog later today.

  2. What fun!!!!! And I see my sweet friend Jere....(I keep spelling her name wrong, my apologies)..... Merry Christmas!!

  3. How fun! Yes, that fabric is great!

  4. Hmm.. I would hate to cut up that nice BIG print. I might do a big panel with sashing and some smaller blocks around it.

  5. I wish I were there! Looks like great fun! You have a happy holiday and enjoy your family! Steph