Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun Red Hat Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!  Tricks or Treats?

If you think Halloween and dressing up is just for kids, think again....and take a look. 

We had our annual Red Hat Halloween party on Saturday at the Magic Time Machine Restaurant, and us old gals really know how to dress up/laugh/party and have fun.

Lots of different costumes!

The nun kept us in line, so we had to be good.....darn!

My sister and me.

Lots of fun displays all over the restaurant.

This Hootie Owl had to be Red and Purple....of course!

There always has to be a Red Hat Witch!

Where's our table?

I just had to show you this leather teapot purse!

Of course, we had to have our Princess Peggy attend this royal affair.

Where's the Rum?

Our waiter wanted to play too, but I told him he didn't have a hat, so he grabbed up a napkin and joined us!

We were having so much fun, the Simpson's joined us too!

Hope you have a fun Halloween too! 
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  1. Judy you are just the cats look so and your sister look great and who says that when you are mature you have to stop having fun?????