Thursday, November 10, 2011

Makeover Final Chapter

Boy.....I've been MIA here lately in blogland.   It's due to the time of year and I get very busy in my ETSY shop.   I've been doing a lot of machine embroidery and have finished up 65 Redwork Dishtowels like these for some of my buyers......yikes, that's a lot of dishtowels.....AND I had to iron each one too. 

Okay...enough of that.  Today it's back to sewing/quilting time...yay!

Remember a while ago when I showed ya'll before pictures of my porch makeover?

Here's a few of the "after"  pictures.  Of course it rained and shows the  little muddy kitty footprints on everything and I didn't take the time to hose it down for the pictures.

This rug is normally in my sewing room and was getting yucky.  So, took it outside, hosed it down.....scrubbed it good.  After it dried I put it  on the porch.  It looks nice there, so I'll just leave it for now.


I even had my Hottie Handman build a small wall to cover up the messy underside of the porch next to the steps.   (Notice the hard cracked dirt........we need rain so badly!)

I promise, I promise, I promise my November Giveaway will be in the next few days, and not the last day of the month.  Be looking for it.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I also checked out another blog post related to your deck makeover and I can say that it turned out well. You were able to reestablish its beauty. The only part you replaced was the stairs, right? That’s good because your wooden deck was still in great condition and it only needs to be re-stained.