Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wonder Why?

Last week I shared with you the progress on my tumbler quilt and I have to tell you.....everything got in the way of my finishing this quilt.  Yikes!  Quilting delays, binding delays, picture delays and even listing it for sale delays.  (Yes, I know...that's not a properly constructed sentence and my HS English teacher would be appalled, but this is "my blog, my keyboard, my post and I'll do it the way I want to do it, so there!".........she says, secretly smiling :) to herself). 

Wonder why life happens that way sometimes when all I want to do is sew/quilt??  My sewing room is called Judy's Sandbox and sometimes I refer to it as the Sewing Cave....but I  really love being in there.  Maybe too much.  

Okay....enough of my yakking about stuff no one wants to hear about.  It's time for the pictures of the tumbler quilt from Alex Anderson's fabric line called Elizabeth Ann by PandB Textiles.

This is made using the small tumbler GO die, and have to was a lot of fun sorting the different fabrics, re-arranging the rows, etc.  I enjoyed it every step of the way.  Do you think that's why I spent so much time completing this one??   mmmmh??

Full view......and the wind was blowing this morning, and the colors look a bit washed out. 

Another view.........this time showing the backing fabric that matches the borders.

I always feel happy and relieved when I finish a quilt, but now I just want to GO to my Sandbox and start working on another one.  Wonder why most people think quilters are so obsessive??  mmmmh??

How about you?  Are you an obsessive quilter like me? 

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  1. I work on at least 6 quilts at once so I don't get bored and not what to finish them.

  2. Absolutely obsessive. But there just isn't enough time.

  3. Obsessive, but mostly in my mind humph! You have that quilt very well balanced. That tumbler die will have to be one of my next purchases...

  4. Pretty Colors!! nope, not obsessive when quilting for myself - ABSOLUTELY obsessive if doing for others...