Friday, June 17, 2011

Visiting Feathers

My sewing room window looks out to my front yard. Look what I saw.

Our pond here in the mobile home park is very low on water due to the drought here in So. Texas. We have been having 100 degree days.

I was so concerned about these little visiting feather friends, I found a pot saucer, filled it with water and got them some small bread pieces. They were sure hot and hungry.

I first put the water saucer right in the grass. Then after the babies (5 of them) got right in it, and I had snapped a couple more pictures, I moved it to where Mama was...the shade of one of my rose bushes.


(The pictures aren't in the proper order....blogger was giving me fits.)

Come 7pm that day, she and her babies left my yard to return to the pond and where they had hatched. I watched them walking down the street...and she would stop about every 6 feet to let the babies catch up to her and then rest a bit. It was still so hot that evening.

The next day she returned about noon.....but with only 3 babies. I repeated the water, bread and popcorn....and refilled the water saucer a couple times with cool water. Again, they stayed until right about 7 pm, and she led them out of my yard.

I haven't seen them again, even tho the water saucer is still there..........waiting.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Animals are so interesting sometimes aren't they. You never know what they will respond to at times!

    You were good to them:)

  2. fun to watch that.....I wonder what happened to her babies. My husband had all kinds of birds in Missouri and he had the dickens of a time keeping that little ones alive (from prey). He even had them fenced in....I have some wild stories to tell...but you get the picture. Thanks for showing cute in the saucer.

  3. Great shots, and an ever better heart...stay blessed!

  4. They are so cute, I hope they have all survived.

  5. lovely blog, i hope the remaining three survive and come back to visit.