Monday, June 6, 2011

Rubies and Garnets RHS

I belong to the Rubies and Garnets Chapter of the Red Hat Society in San Antonio.  There are many different chapters and each chapter does 'their own thing' there are no rules and no dues!

Each month the members (ladies 50 and over)  of Rubies & Garnets  get together at a restaurant to have lunch, acknowledge Birthdays, (birthday gals wear purple hats and red dresses)  draw for prizes, share news of local RH events and celebrate.  BUT....the best thing about it is the laughter, fun, comraderie and to see who has bought a new hat. 

When we arrive at the restaurant we sign in and leave our exchange gift if we brought one.  We can buy a gift ticket for $1 and if we win a gift, then we have to bring one back the next time.   Always fun!

We also have been having "free lunch" drawings where we can buy $1 ticket for a chance to get our money back for our lunch.

Sometimes it's difficult to find a local restaurant that has a separate room than can accomodate our large group.....30 - 40 members, and it gets "cozy" and noisy.

If you aren't familiar with the Red Hat Society or would like to read more about it   and how it got started click here. 

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  1. That is awesome! What a colorful room & tons of fun it looks like everyone was having!