Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm Trained!

Most of my life I was a "dog person".  When I was raising my family, all three of my kids were allergic to cats, so we had dogs.  

When I retired and moved to Texas, my niece's cat was going to have kittens.  I lived alone and thought.....mmmmh!  Maybe I should adopt one of the kittens when they are old enough.   

Well........I did........and this redwork embroidery piece I embroidered 13 years ago.....sums it up perfectly. 

My 3 furry roomates have me totally trained.........

This is Braveheart..and he's the King of the house.  He wasn't very perky in this picture, and I had a difficult time getting him to look at me and keep his eyes open.

This is Princess.....and is Braveheart's litter mate sister.  She is so sweet, loving, no trouble.......and purrs real loud.


This is Roxie......and yes, I know she's a fatty.  Her feral Mama  dropped her at my feet out on the front porch when she was about 4 days old, and her eyes weren't even fully opened.  I bottle fed her and she still likes to be in my arms, way up under my chin(s) and cuddle.  Braveheart & Princess only tolerate her and they don't play together.

And.......this is Cinderella.  She's my tame feral cat, outside only....and is responsible for all the feral ones I feed and care for outside.  You can't have an outside cat and feed her on your porch without others in the neighborhood  coming for dinner.

Now don't misunderstand me, I love my furry roomates, but when I went to visit a friend over the weekend, her chocolate lab, Cocoa,  grabbed my heart.  She's a sweetie and made me I really a "cat person"??

Guess I just like "furry, hairy" roomates........sigh!  Which are you?  A cat person, or a dog person?

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  1. I am neither. My husband and I have been traveling too much to have one but when the kids were home we had dogs... My son James loves cats but we got him one...his nose swelld up, his lips became fat...pooe guy but he still love them.

  2. Haven't had a cat in decades - but do remember they are an independent lot.
    Oh, yes, now that I think of it they are also
    Am I remembering correctly?

  3. I am a farm kid who had cats and always at least one dog. When I went out on my own, I had cats. My husband came with a dog - a really bad one! I thought this one rotten little Jack Russell Terrier would break me of ever loving dogs, but I actually trained him and he is like my little baby. So I guess I am both again!

  4. I am definitely a dog person. I have had a number of cats over the years but only really loved the ones that acted more like dogs than cats - lol!

  5. I am definitely a cat lover, but I love our little Pom, Buddy, just as much as the cats. So I guess I am both. (grin)

  6. I love them both......there are 3 cats that live here now, one belongs to my youngest daughter, and the other two belong to the older one. Me and my husband at this time have 4 Labs, a yellow, a white w/tan, and 2 chocolates!

  7. I love them both too!! I have 2 feral cats I rescued from behind the hair salon I worked at. One likes to be outside. The other is inside only she's so tiny, about 5 lbs. & almost 9 years old!! Than have the shepard lab mix. She thinks she's a person! LOL Very protective too!
    All your kitty's are beautiful!!

  8. I love them both. A few years ago, I would have said "CAT person" but then a black furball belonging to a friend came into my life. He was a poodle, a dog breed I disdained previously. I realized that my disdain was caused by people giving them those ridiculous haircuts. Max had a kennel cut - about 2 inches all over. Poodles are smart and loyal. They are actually hunters - who knew! Sadly Max got old and passed away. I have since made friends with lots of dogs.

  9. Gotta love them all! We have three inside cats who rule the roost, for sure, and 5 outside cats. Then don't forget about the 2 dogs outside! A black lab and a border collie.

  10. I'm definitely more a dog person than a cat person. I can tolerate cats, but there's nothing like the love and devotion of a couple of wild and crazy dogs.

  11. I have a red and white border collie mix and a rusty red mutty mix. Nibbler is the red and white one, Lucy Lou is the rusty mutty.

  12. Braveheart & Roxie both have the same "what DO you want" look about them. Easy to see they rule the roost!

    What adorable creatures they all are & the pooch is obviously convinced she's a lap dog.

    Great embroidery too! 2 days...took that long?

  13. Very cute post. I am probably more of a dog person, but not home enough to go thru puppydome so cats are a good fit. Still, we are petless and yet I love all pets.


  14. Cats definitely! I like their independence. I love the little wallie you made!