Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Have you seen the BOM from Fabric N Quilts??

If you haven't seen these Block of the Month kits out of 30's Reproduction prints, you just have to GO and take a look @ them......then sign up to start getting them.  These are from a shop in TN called Fabrics n Quilts.  Just click on my title to GO there.   You're not GOing to believe the price either!  It's the best deal for BOM's you are GOing to find anywhere! 

Yup!  that's right.......she cuts these with her GO cutter from AccuQuilt and they are cut perfect and SEW much fun to SEW them up......easy, pretty......and everything! 

Am I in love with my GO cutter........for sure!  Thanks again, AccuQuilt!   I have been using it everyday to cut more strips for jelly rolls and more squares for charm squares all available in my Etsy shop.

Here's a few of the ones I've completed!

I'm a big fan of the reproduction prints and these fabrics are some of the prettiest ones I've seen.  You will love this shop's Block the Month kits and she has good prices on yardage too. 

Well....what are you waiting for???  GO see them.


  1. Fun post. Lovely BOM designs & fabrics too. Thanks for sharing insight on this store. I've always felt that using AccuQuilt products to kit could be a great business for someone that has an eye for fabrics. While I love to cut with the GO! I do realize there are many quilters that hate to cut and prefer to buy kits.


  2. I will go over there and check out the BOM.....yes, I too love the go and have been cuttting up a storm....all my jelly rolls have almost I cut more today....great fun.

  3. Thanks Judy! Your BOM's look great! I think the comment I have heard most with these BOM's is that they give the inexperienced quilter more confidence. Maybe it is that part of the work is done, but the inspiring thing for me is that they are using the BOM's to build that confidence.

    I almost have the binding finished on the demo, so stay tuned! We will offer 4 different finishing kits!