Saturday, June 12, 2010


Yikes..I sound like one of those paid programming commercials now! 

AND......if you call in the next 10 minutes......(I mean "vote" in the next 10 minutes for Sewmeow)

but wait.........if you order now, we'll ....... (I mean "vote" for Sewmeow now)

HURRY!  don't supply! ....... (No limited supply....tell everyone! GO vote 4 Sewmeow)

Our operators are standing by to take your order.........(HURRY there's just TODAY to GO vote for Sewmeow!)

What has happened to me?  I'm not on TV.  I don't have a microphone.  I don't have a toll free number.  I don't have operators standing by to take your call.  I had this dream  last night that  I was doing all of this! 

I'm NOT on TV....I'm just a quilter who loves anything to do with sewing, and definitely a "Notions Junkie" and have to have every new gadget out there! 

 GO  vote for me to win the Free GO cutter from AccuQuilt through the giveaway on Bejeweled Barb's blog.

Here's the link once again....(just like the commercials!)

Now, what are doing still here???

 Go email everyone you know and give them this link, so they can also GO vote for Sewmeow!



  1. Congrats on your win!! Enjoy your new toy and I can't wait to see the new projects you come up with! :)


  2. Congratulations on your win! Once you get your GO! Cutter, you will have to post about how it works for you!

    What dies will you be choosing?