Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's a Quilter To Do? Help!

Help me!  I've fallen into my  fabric scraps and can't get out!   What's a quilter to do when she saves every little scrap, snip, selveges, tiny piece, even thread ends???

I  save all the little tiny ends, scraps, snips and tiny trims of batting & put them into this big plastic bag.

When the bag is overflowing, like it is now, I make  pet beds out of fleece or an old pillow case, stuff it with these scraps & donate it to the Animal Shelter.  They are in constant need for beds for the pets awaiting adoption.  They are fully washable and dryable and my 3 cats love 'em!

What do you do with your tiny bits, trimmed edges, too small scraps & selveges??

My box for the larger size scraps is over-flowing too, so it's time to work on some scrappy, crazy pieced quilt blocks using the string quilt method.

Here's some other stuff I've been working on too; cutting, cutting, cutting squares -- 30's Reproduction favorite of all favorites.

I just listed these quilt squares in my etsy store:


  1. tee hee you need to get busy!!!
    That's a great idea for the dog beds for the animal shelter.
    Love 30's prints too!

  2. I guess if you have to fall into something, the fabric scrap bag is the place to go! Love all your cut up squares. I did that years ago with all the leftover fabric from sewing clothing for my daughter and made a huge quilt from them. It's still fun to look at it and remember what little outfit or special occasion dress or nightgown each piece was from.


  3. Great idea for pet beds! Love the reproduction prints. :)

  4. I think they reproduce whie we sleep!!

  5. I use them for paper piecing...I have lots of them!