Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Constantly Making More Cutting Messes!

Here I am again, cutting, cutting....making more messes!  

This time it's for our Tied Together Quilt Bee meeting this Tuesday, February 2nd.  This is our first meeting of 2010 and we're starting out with a new group project. 

We are going to be sewing and swapping Disappearing Nine Patch blocks using up "some" of our scrap fabrics.  Please notice I said "some" as I don't think I'll ever totally be out of or run out of scraps 'cause I keep creating them.   Someone else told me that our fabric scraps "reproduce overnight" and I believe it. 

We will be doing our cutting of the 5" squares at home, then sew the 9 patch blocks only on our Bee days.  We agreed there will be no sewing of these blocks at home.  This might take some time, as we are planning on only meeting once a month this year.  But we did agree on meeting for a longer time this year; from 10am until 4pm, so that gives us 5 hours of sewing taking into consideration lunch & clean-up time.

We won't be trading complete 9 patch scrappy blocks.  We will cut our 9 patch scrappy blocks like the D9P process and be trading quarters of our blocks.  This will really give us a great variety and great look for our finished quilts. 

Years ago our Bee did a Bull's Eye swap this way and also traded raggy Heart Patch quilt blocks this way.  If you want to see my raggy heart one, go back a couple posts and look for my Valentine Heart pillow picture.  The raggy heart quilt is on the couch, and I always use it for Valentine's Day.

I'll try to post a couple pictures every month to show you are progress.  In the meantime, back to making more mess.


  1. That sounds like alot of fun!! These quilts will turn out amazing.

  2. You are a very organized cutter! Your group swap project sounds great!

  3. sounds brilliant! Looking forward to seeing the process and the progress. Have fun cutting.

  4. What a great way to have a true scrappy quilt!

  5. OOoh fun! Swapping quarters of a D9P block. Be sure to remember that we want to see the finished quilt!