Monday, May 11, 2009


This one is MINE.....MINE! I've been carrying an ugly old vinyl purse that has definitely seen better days, and selling every bag I've been making, so yesterday when I finished this one, I decided...I'm keepin' this one for me!

The Texas Bluebonnets, and Indian Paintbrush are part of the reason I loved this charm pack by Moda. It is called Hill Country Spring. I was born in Colorado and the state flower is Columbine. There were some Columbine fabrics in this collection, so that was just one more reason to claim this bag as mine! They are so pretty!

I hate sewing buttons on by hand, so did them on the machine before I put the bag together, and it was much easier!
Now back to the sewing room to finish up another one to & white this time.


  1. Very Cute. You deserve a new bag. Enjoy!

  2. LOL How funny! I made Totes for two years before I finaly made one that I kept for myself. It is beautiful! Good for you!

  3. Isn't it funny how we do that. We make them but forget we need one. THe added bonus is the advertisement. I usually get at least one person say something about my tote everytime I go out somewhere.