Friday, May 8, 2009


Didn't realize it had been so long since my last entry & pictures, so thought I'd show ya'll why.
It's been "STORMING" A LOT in my sewing room!

This wooden fence board sign was a gift from a dear quilting friend for Christmas several years ago. She made one for each of us in our Tied Together Bee. I have mine hanging from a decorative shelf my brother-in-law made for me when he remodeled my sewing room.

My cutting table is a full size door he permanently attached to the wall.....I love how LARGE it is...with shelving on one end. I can create lots of "STORMS " before I have to clean it off.

Here's one of my new bag creations that helped form the "STORM" cloud! This one is COMPLETELY quilted double fabric in bright turquoise and has 3 roomy compartments in the inside & one outside pocket for cell phone & keys. So useful with just one handle. It's for sale in my Ebay store.
Stay tuned for more storm clouds forming, & many more bags that cause them!
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  1. I love the basket under the shelf! Way to maximize stashing space! you are always so busy creating & now I can see why & how you get so much done. Have fun cleaning up after the "storm"