Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is it a Hobby, Obsession, Work or a Waste of Time?

When I sat down at the desk to start writing this post, I wondered about the title. ............ maybe you can help me decide.  

I love what I do during the day (and some nights).   Some people call it a hobby, or obsession, and some think it's work and still others think it's a waste of time. 

You might be asking yourself...."what is she talking about this time"?    Why sewing and quilting, naturally.   Is there anything else better to talk about?  Not for me.   Let me explain.

I've been trying to sew up some of this cute flannel that I bought several years ago.  Yes, it was on sale........and I just had to get lots of it!  I think I bought too much....what do you think?  The boxes are overflowing.  Don't believe me?  Here......I'll show you one part of it that I can't even get in my fabric closets.  NO...I'm not showing you the rest of it.  I made good use of one of my AccuQuilt GO boxes too!

After a couple's a look/see at what I accomplished with some of that flannel using my rag quilt GO die.

Raggedy Ann & Andy raggy quilt.

Pink Paisley & Butterfly raggy quilt.

Brown and Gold Peace Symbol raggy lap quilt.

Now, GO back and look at that first picture again.........that's 'AFTER' I made these 3 raggy quilts too!   Jeez!  I'd better get to sewing faster, or sleep less.

As most of you know, I have an ETSY Shop...and you can visit it here.   
Keeping it stocked is almost a full time job and keeps me very busy.   But, like I said at the beginning of this post.......I love what I do.

Today I used my GO cutter & cut 3 different fabric colorways into quilt strips for Jelly Rolls; browns, pinks, purples.  That's 180 strips just for today. 

And that doesn't count the 660 fabric charm squares I cut earlier this week. (I didn't take pictures of them at the time 'cause I was on a roll and a cutting frenzy.....but I can show you one of my storage drawers.) I ask you.  Is it a hobby, obsession, work, or waste of time?

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  1. Actually I think it is a good thing. I just went to your etsy store and purchases a few things, just to make a little more room for you. I am really interested in finding black and white anything but already have your jellyroll that you have there. Even if it was a whole whack of 2 1/2 squares I would love it. I used up what I had in my stash and am trying to build up those colors. Thanks, and it is worth it to me!

  2. if you enjoy it who cares what other people think they are jealous of all you do. and you are making money doing what you love.

  3. I would say it is a hobby that works for you! And we shouldn't have hobbies that aren't at least a mild obsession!

  4. If you love what you're doing, then keep doing it! Your rag quilts are lovely! And your pre-cuts are so pretty all rolled up!

  5. It is an obsessive hobby that is a lot of work. Never a waste of time if it is making you money while you are enjoying what you do!

  6. Aren't we blessed to work at something we love! Life's no fun without some passion in it to obsess over :)

  7. Wow Judy, you are one amazing busy gal. Love your quilts!

  8. I think it may be all of the above rolled into one - and it may be in viral form - for I am certainly afflicted with the same condition.

  9. It's all of the above - but what's amazing to me is that I think fabric is like the loaves and the fishes in the New Testament - it seems to multiply itself.

  10. Since getting my Go, I think cutting is just as fun as quilting! :)

  11. It's both, you are working and loving what you do, I don't think there's any of us could say we don't get a buzz when walking around our fabric shops. I'm getting the same buzz at the moment whilst sorting my stash cupboards, I'm finding fabric I forgot I had and the ideas are running riot in my head lol.

    I contacted your Etsy yesterday, asking if you ship to the UK not sure if you got it, it isn't showing up in my inbox.

  12. I agree it is everything, but a good thing. When you have the talent use it and you really have it. You do beautiful work.