Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Share Your Toys, Kids!

I was always one of those Moms  to teach my 3 kids to share their toys with their friends, let others play with them,  to take good care of their toys, pick up their toys before bedtime.      yada.... yada.... yada.....

Well, so what?

Gosh, how hard that must have been for them when they got something new and it was very special to them.  Now I know what they must have been going through in trying to share ALL their toys.

A lot of my toys are sewing and quilting related, so I don't mind sharing rulers, patterns, rotary cutters, and even my fabrics.  All the quilters I know are very generous and do the sharing thing too.  That's just the way we are.

Well, so what?

I can't do it..........I just can't! 

My latest toys are not sewing/quilting related and I just can't share them.    My Nook Color was given to me for my birthday last year, and I immediately bought the black vinyl cover to protect it. (in the picture on the RH side). 

For Christmas my sister, Sally, bought me this wild pink zebra striped cover and stand!  She knows me so well............it's just me!

Some Apps on the Nook need SD cards and I wanted to have plenty of room for them so went to Best Buy  right before Christmas and  the clerk directed me to the phone department for the card.  No problem..........bought the card.  Started looking at phones 'cause I had been wanting a Droid..........

Yup!   My Christmas present to myself;  my Samsung Droid phone....and I love it.

Now I can play Words with Friends on my Nook Color and my phone!   AND all 3 versions of Angry Birds, watch Netflix movies, U-Tube videos, quilting tutorials, get my email, post on Facebook, send a Tweet..........

Oh yeah........forgot to tell you, I do use it for a phone and some texting too!    I don't like the plain black protector cover (it isn't really me) and maybe I'll have to get a pink zebra one to match my Nook color. 

Or maybe I could just embellish it with pink glitter or glue pink rhinestones all over it.........mmmmh?  What do you think?

NO.........I can't share these........I just can't!

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  1. You are too funny! LOVE that zebra cover! Have fun with your new toys! I love my droid too, but am jonesing for a newer one on steriods!

  2. When I was a child, I invariably needed a pogo stick. I believed it'd be a tremendous talent that might impress my family and therefore the different youngsters within the kids toys .

  3. We have iPad 2's and both love them, I immediately bought a pink cover Mr B bought a black one. I have the iPhone 4, love that too, my cover is a vintage roses scheme. I did try a cover with beautiful pink stones in but each time I used it the phone got stuck in my hair! Lol so would advice no stones unless you use an earpiece or speaker phone.

    New to your blog and love it.