Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Yup!  Somewhere along the line I lost the month of December....and still haven't found it.  

I was blessed with good sales in my ETSY shop this past holiday time...thanks to all my loyal buyers....and couldn't manage everything ....including putting up a Christmas tree, shopping, cooking and blogging.  Consequently I didn't blog and my shopping ended up being online gift cards for everyone.  Can you believe that one?  I usually make all my gifts for my grown kids and my grandkids..........but not this time.

Sooooooooooo......has everyone made New Years Resolutions?  

Wanna know what mine is?  

Well, you might not want to know, but I'm telling you anyway.  (After all this is my blog and I can do that.)  Besides.......if I keep saying it often enough and  to enough people, I might actually start doing it.




even get rid of these too.

Meet Lucy and Samantha.....litter sisters...approximately 4 months old.   (No...that's not what it looks's some of their food they scattered in their litter area.)  They went to SA Spay clinic yesterday for their little tummy surgeries and are recuperating in a crate in my spare bathroom for a couple days.   They are part of  my ongoing "Trap/Fix/Release" cats thing that I am constantly doing. 

There are 5 more kittens to trap and get to the clinic in the next couple wish me luck....I'm going to need it.

In the's back to cutting more squares....cutting more jelly rolls....sewing more items and enjoying my quilting.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. What cuties! Good luck capturing the rest! No resolutions here, but continued plans to execute!

    Have a very Happy New Year, Judy!

  2. What a wonderful thing you are doing.....glad you had good sales last on to this year. My son David will be coming to San Antonio soon when he joins the Air Force.

  3. Last I remember it was October, and we had Thanksgiving dinner and then I had to cook for 12 for Christmas and now they tell me it is already the 4th of January 2012!!! WHAT!??!?! Oh my! I lost more than just December! My step mom use to trap/fix/release. In October 2005 she finally trapped the last one in the neighborhood that she knew of, made the appointment to get it fixed, she was really sick from her 4.5 yr deal with cancer/chemo so changed to appt from Mon to Fri....she died on Thursday. I flew up there on Friday with my dad, and asked about the mean cat in the cage in the basement. He told me the story, the the following Monday we took it in to get it fixed, it was pregnant 4 kittens, we were asked if we wanted them all aborted, we said yes, that was the whole point of fixing them in the first place. Went to pick her up and the bill was $450. My dad was like WHAT?!?!? He paid it because it was one of my stepmoms last wishes. Whenever my dad would come home I would tell him Four Fifty still isn't happy, and he would ask me What? everytime. Told him I named the cat Four Fifty because that is how much she cost to fix her. He thought it was strange to call a cat that, but funny at the same time. The cat still hangs around the house more than 6 years later, and she will come to my dad when he calls her too. It is a funny story to tell when people ask about the cat that hangs out by the backdoor but won't let you pet her. :D

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