Monday, May 23, 2011

Yesterday's results......and Today's too.

What DID I end up doing yesterday?   Yesterday?   What about today?

Woke up today feeling great until my eyes opened......then.......Wham! 

The dirty floors, cat hair and the dust bunnies came into focus and I just knew it had to be done.   I told all three cats......"This house is dirty and we need to spend some time cleaning it today".     They looked the other way....then told me in no uncertain words...... they wanted their breakfast.  NOW!    Ok..ok.  Let me fix my tea first.   We had quite a morning with me trying to get them to pick up their toys.

It's mid afternoon, already and I just finished cleaning!  Whew!  I think I must have vacuumed up a whole cat there was so much cat hair.  It's almost summer and it's my own fault for not brushing these furbabies more.    They love to "help" me when I'm working on my blog too.

Well.......what about yesterday?    Oh yeah,   YESTERDAY.......

Wanna see?

Every once in a while I just got to  do it!


Yes!  Just had to clean off the top of my cutting table before I could even think about doing something else.  It helps me see more clearly........(remember about my eyes focusing up above?)

I Still had a lot of  fun, though........cutting with my GO cutter.

I still want to cut some more fun appliques, as I'm going to be offering more of them for sale in my Etsy Shop..........but not today.

This afternoon, I'm going to...........

layer and quilt this batik table runner.  Remember?  It was one of my choices from yesterday.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I guessed it....I just knew you'd have to clean off that work table. BTW, what was I thinking in my comment yesterday...."John" Selleck???? Who dat....I sure know Tom Selleck plays Jesse Stone. Must have been one of those brain farts...Is it o.k. to type that word;} We do have those when we reach this senior age, don't we. ((((big bunch of hugs)))) Marilyn

  2. Looks like you had a very productive day...with no help from your co workers...

  3. glad to see you cleaned, quilted and had fun too!

  4. Hey, it's all good stuff! Hug those lazy roommates of yours, they did what they are best at, loving you!

  5. Since Sly has free reign of the house now with the dogs in the back yard full time, he has discovered that it is lots of fun to lay under my computer desk or sewing table. He has never been this lovey. He sleeps in my bed most of the time or in daddy's chair. I need to take pictures of him.

  6. Busy lady! But I think you better keep an eye on that computer savvy feline!